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Located in the heart of the business area of Monaco, Space Systems International – Monaco is an integrated telecommunications service provider specialized in satellite telecommunications, formed in 2004 by the worldwide know experts and consultants.

The company has entered into several partnerships, representations and consultancy agreements with world-leading satellite manufacturers such as Orbital (USA) and Thales Alenia Space (France) and participated in the planning and design of key satellite projects such as Thor-5 (Norway) and Azersat-1 (Azerbaijan). Notable partnerships include agreements with the world-leading satellite operator company, SES and the incumbent telecommunication provider of Monaco, Monaco Telecom.


In 2009, SSI-Monaco has signed a license agreement with the Monaco government for the development and use of the 52° East orbital position.

Note: Satellites in geostationary orbit must all be placed in a single ring above the Equator, meaning that only a limited number of slots are available and that only sovereign countries can apply for an orbital position.

In November 2011, an agreement has been signed between the Turkmenistan Ministry of Communication and SSI in order to use the 52°E SSI position to the first telecommunication satellite of Turkmenistan and Monaco: Türkmen.lem 52°E/ MonacoSAT. Hence, 12 of the 38 Ku-band transponders will be exploited by SSIMonaco.

In parallel, the manufacture of the satellite has been attributed to Thales Alenia Space (TAS) for a TAS SPACEBUS 4000 C2 satellite model. Moreover, the launch programmed for Q1 2015 will take place in Cape Canaveral from the SpaceX site, using a Falcon 9 rocket.

Note: A transponder forms a number of communications channel and relates to the capacity of a satellite. Furthermore, Türkmen.lem 52°E® is the name corresponding to the 26 transponders of Turkmenistan and MonacoSAT® is the name corresponding to the 12 transponders belonging to SSI-Monaco.

In July 2013, SES and SSI have signed a collaboration agreement where SES secures rights to commercialise the 12 SSI transponders on the Türkmen.lem 52°E/ MonacoSAT satellite.

In January 2014, Monaco Telecom and SSI have signed an agreement enabling Monaco Telecom to provide ground support for MonacoSAT. Hence Monaco Telecom will provide infrastructure and services using their ground station, known as Teleport.

AUTHOR - Huguette Marsicano