MonacoSAT-1 is a joint telecommunication satellite project the Turkmenistan Ministry of Communication (MOC) and National Space Agency (NSA), together with Space Systems International – Monaco (SSI-Monaco).

The contract signatures were made on the 18th November 2011 in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) between the MOC and SSI-Monaco for the use of the 52°E SSI position, but also between MOC and Thales Alenia Space for the manufacturing of the satellite, construction of the ground segment, and launch.

This project is a turnkey project, Thales being in charge up to the Orbit Delivery (IOD). In parallel, SSI-Monaco is in charge of the 52°E frequency coordination.

Therefore, the satellite is a joint satellite, being titled TürkmenÄlem 52°E / MonacoSAT®. TürkmenÄlem 52°E® is the name corresponding to the 26 transponders of the Turkmenistan and MonacoSAT® (or MonacoSAT-1) is the name corresponding to the 12 transponders belonging to SSI-Monaco.

Note: A transponder forms a number of communications channel and relates to the capacity of a satellite.


The satellite at 52° East is hence covering Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, which represents 1.6 billion people, with a powerful signal enabling all the covered area to benefit from services such as internet, telephony, television and IPTV with high speed data rates.