Remote healing

Education, Medicine, Professional training

Thanks to the power of telecommunication and information technology, Telemedicine is a growing medical service that provides clinical health care at distance for remote areas int the world. The distance barrier is hence removed and medical services are accessible for distant rural communities that cannot benefit from constant available medical assistance. It is also a crucial tool that saves lives in critical care and emergency situations.

SSI-Monaco is proud to be partnering with the Florence Nightingale Hospital (Turkey), Karolinska Institute (Sweden), and the Princess Grace Hospital (Monaco) in order to develop and install a Telemedicine network and offer the following services:
• Medical Second Opinion (MSO)
• Clinical Support / Team Collaboration
• Treatment of Selected Patients
• Clinical and Administrative Knowhow Transfers
• Local and Regional Differentiation
• Education and Training (e-Education & onsite Education)
• Fellowships
• Centres of Excellence
• Benchmarking